2012 Corporate Sustainability Report

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700 Refugees and Immigrants Find Work with Manpower Telge Jobbstart

Before major government reforms in 2010, immigrants in Sweden waited on average between 7 to 10 years to get their first job. Thanks to ManpowerGroup and its company Manpower Telge Jobbstart (MTJ), more than 700 refugees and immigrants have found work after a much shorter wait time.

The effort first began in the Swedish town of Södertälje, which had welcomed more refugees from the war-torn Iraq than the United States and Canada combined. Overwhelmed by the daunting task, local government reached out to ManpowerGroup to help refugees get integrated into the Swedish society and find meaningful work.

To address the great need, ManpowerGroup partnered with the municipality of Södertälje to create Manpower Telge Jobbstart where participants, selected by the Södertälje municipality, spent 18 months studying Swedish culture and received assistance in finding work. The program helped more than 60% of them move from welfare to work.

MTJ has been also successful in Stockholm where it serves as an “introduction guide&rdquot; to refugees and immigrants by helping them build contacts, facilitating networking, and bridging linguistic and cultural differences between job seekers and potential employers. It has secured employment for more than 58% of those it serves.

The program is now expanding to other Swedish towns and will integrate ManpowerGroup’s training program to help the long-term unemployed.