2012 Corporate Sustainability Report

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Manpower Logistics Academy

Belgium’s central location and modern infrastructure make the country a vital gateway for Europe-bound cargo. So, in 2007, when the shortage of experienced workers threatened the growth of the 12th largest seaport and transportation system in the world, Manpower Belgium got involved.

With its expertise in addressing talent shortage and helping individuals get skills that employers wanted, Manpower Belgium developed a plan to help its clients find trained workers and to help candidates—many unemployed and all with little or no relevant industry experience—receive free training. It also offered candidates an opportunity to get employed in the sector.

In partnership with training specialists at @thetys, Manpower Belgium created Manpower Logistics Academy—a hands-on training facility that provides real-world experience for managers, forklift operators and other personnel essential to the smooth operation of logistics facilities.

The Academy, however, is much more than just a training facility. It serves as an integrated employment center that includes recruitment and aptitude testing, comprehensive task-based training and industry certification programs. Once certified, candidates are guaranteed positions with Manpower Belgium clients. In 2007 alone, the Academy trained 400 candidates. Now, operating in three locations, it trains and places more than 1,500 candidates annually, and continues to evolve its curriculum to meet the ever-changing industry needs, like the newest training in eco-driving.