2012 Corporate Sustainability Report

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Manpower Vocational Training Centers

The 2004 Asian tsunami, the most destructive in recorded history, killed hundreds of thousands and disrupted millions of lives. Recognizing the need to rebuild the areas and lives most affected by the disaster, ManpowerGroup and HOPE Foundation established two Manpower Vocational Training Centers (MVTC) in Tamil Nadu, India.

The Centers provide training in marketable skills such as computers, masonry, tailoring, cell phone and engine maintenance and repair. They also help individuals be more self-sufficient and local economies to sustain and endure a future crisis which is at the core of ManpowerGroup’s philosophy.

Since its launch in September 2005, one MVTC has expanded its original role. It has grown to be a community resource center, hosting seminars on a number of issues important to the local population, including women’s healthcare and parenting. Center’s staff and volunteers have also helped spearhead micro-financing initiatives that, to date, have provided more than 1,500 local entrepreneurs with essential start-up capital and operational funding.

As the center approaches its eighth anniversary, more than 9,000 people have completed MTVC training, benefitting thousands of families and exceeding initial program goals by almost fifty percent.