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Attract the Right Talent by Blending High-tech with High-touch

MILWAUKEE, Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ManpowerGroup Solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), the global leader in the industry within ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), asserts that recruiters must have a broad set of hard and soft skills to attract the right talent and enable organizations to maintain a competitive advantage. 

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ManpowerGroup Solutions: 6 high-tech and high-touch skills to win war for talent

Automated Recruiting and the Human Factor, a new insights paper released today, explains that as technology has transformed recruiting from manual procedures of yesteryear to the automated systems of today, it has raised the bar on the type of skills recruiters need to be effective in the race to secure the best talent.

"Recruiting technology is here to stay and its impact on the art of recruiting is inescapable," said Kate Donovan, senior vice president of ManpowerGroup Solutions and Global RPO president. "While the global race for talent accelerates, a critical differentiator is the human touch that recruiters bring to the talent acquisition process. Recruiters, who make the most of technology by using it to engage and connect with candidates, create stronger relationships that ultimately benefit employers."

Despite its undeniable advantages, automated recruiting has become an equalizer as most recruiters have access to a similar variety of tools. Since they can now access talent faster and more efficiently, they have more time to engage with candidates. This is when recruiters' soft skills become essential as they can "make or break" relationships with job seekers.

"By creating tailored, one-size-fits-one interactions with candidates and showing a genuine interest in their aspirations, recruiters can understand candidates' preferences, identify whether they are the right cultural fit for an organization and uncover their potential to succeed in new roles," added Donovan. "Well-balanced high-touch and high-tech recruiting creates positive candidate experiences and will help employers win the war for talent."

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