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More than 70 years ago, our business was founded on the principle of Doing Well by Doing Good - delivering a profit to our shareholders while contributing to society. Fast forward to today and this dual purpose still holds true:

We believe meaningful, sustainable employment has the power to change the world.

Our Plan

Our Sustainability Plan is built around learnability and employability: about how we help people nurture the desire and ability to develop in-demand skills to be employable for the long-term.

Ready for Work

Creating opportunities that help tomorrow’s talent develop the skills they need before they enter the labor market.​


Skilling Up

Providing opportunities for people to acquire new skills and adapt to this fast-changing world of work.


Integrating & Including

Nurturing diversity and providing opportunities for all people to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential.


Our Perspective

We believe businesses have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for work, for workers and for the world. We are driven to lead by example, and we are guided in everything we do by our Values, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the UN Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals. This is how we attract and retain the best talent and how we create a culture of conscious inclusion that fosters innovation, enables high performance and allows everyone to achieve their full potential.

Human Capital

Human capital management is at the core of our business and is how we create value for individuals, organizations and communities. Every year, we connect millions of people to meaningful work across a wide variety of skills and industries, helping to power the success of organizations around the world while providing individuals with opportunities to build skills for the future and achieve their potential. Today, organizations are transforming faster than they ever imagined possible, reinforcing the need for a Skills Revolution now more than ever, and the role we can play in closing the skills gap. Our success in creating value for individuals and organizations depends on our ability to unleash the potential of our own people.


Diversity & Inclusion

As a global organization, with employees, candidates, clients and suppliers from every background, we value and encourage the broad range of perspectives and capabilities this diversity brings to our organization and to our stakeholders. We define diversity as differences of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, cultural background, gender, age, disability, caste, marital status, union membership, political affiliation, pregnancy, health, sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are committed to do all we can to fight racism and to strengthen diversity, equality and inclusion within our company, and in the communities in which we live and operate. We also know, from our vast experience in labor markets across the world, that we must engage and include all available talent and ignite human potential to sustainably grow prosperity around the world. It is the right thing to do, and it is what we must do to prosper.


Health & Safety

Every company has a responsibility to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees. We put millions of people to work each year so we know that when people feel safe, engagement is higher, they stay longer and develop more skills and experience that benefit everyone. Since the health crisis caused by COVID-19, it’s more imperative than ever for people to feel safe and secure in a healthy work environment.


Human Rights and Fair Employment

For more than 70 years, we’ve been connecting millions of people to work and helping them develop skills to stay employable for the long-term. This way they can support their families, contribute to their communities and achieve their career goals. By respecting and promoting internationally proclaimed human rights, we can ensure that work is a source of dignity and purpose – as well as income – for the people we employ.



As a company whose purpose is to connect people with meaningful and sustainable work, we understand the importance of trust and transparency and are proud to set a high standard for our industry. In 2020, we were recognized by Ethisphere as a World's Most Ethical Company for the 11th time -- the only company in our industry to earn this distinction.


Information Security & Data Privacy

As technology evolves and we adopt new tools and expand our use of data and analytics to deliver more value to clients and candidates, we are committed to being good stewards of the information entrusted to us. In the wake of COVID-19, the mass migration to remote working and rapid digitization of processes requires even greater prioritization of information security and privacy.


Sourcing & Supply Chain

As a global organization, working with thousands of suppliers in more than 75 countries, our reach is extensive and we take this responsibility seriously. By setting high standards for our extended network, we can amplify our sustainability impact and drive social change: improving transparency, reducing exposure to risk for ourselves and our clients, raising standards and positively impacting the lives of millions of people.



Climate change -- severe weather events, extreme temperatures, water shortages and other environmental concerns are impacting people’s ability to live and work safely. Corporations have an important role to play, together with public sector and civil society, to solve these challenges and ensure a sustainable future for all.

As a professional services company our environmental impact has always been relatively small. We are committed to adjusting our business model to support even more sustainable ways of working. And we are looking for new ways to advance the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, especially in the areas of jobs and skills, where we can have the greatest impact.



We are proud to share our impact and progress toward sustainable business and communities. We are continually reviewing the data we report to ensure we are measuring the indicators most important to our stakeholders and aligned to sustainability reporting best practice guidelines.​