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We believe the world rests on the shoulders of the next generation. That’s why we are doing our best to grow our business without growing our footprint.

As an office-based company providing professional services and solutions, our environmental impact is relatively small. And we intend to keep it that way.

We have already reduced our energy consumption and resulting carbon footprint by relocating our corporate offices into environmentally certified buildings; by swapping out older electronics, lighting and cars for more efficient models; by consolidating our data centers; and by traveling less and using virtual collaboration more.

We communicate guidance for responsible environmental management across our global organization. We encourage our local operations to set goals and implement initiatives aligned to local market needs, and share good practices that can be adopted with minimal investment.

By reporting on key environmental data in our annual sustainability updates and through CDP, we are promoting transparency and accountability. And we are helping our business partners achieve their environmental sustainability goals. Because we believe businesses have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future.

December, 2016

Environmental Management Policy and Guidelines

We care about the environment and aspire to be good stewards of resources and thought leaders in the contemporary world of work. This policy and guidance defines our global priorities and aligns local actions for the greatest impact.

October, 2017

French Headquarters

France is our largest market and a leader in modeling sustainability and transparency. Our French headquarters is located in an economic development area, and meets the highest eco-building standards.

October, 2017

World Headquarters

Constructed on a former brownfield site, our World Headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, demonstrates our commitment to the environment and establishes a benchmark for all future office developments around the world.