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World Headquarters

Our World Headquarters demonstrates our commitment to the environment and establishes a benchmark for all future office developments around the world. 










Early in 2009, ManpowerGroup’s World Headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin was recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council with Gold LEED certification. Completed in 2007, our headquarters was the first new construction in Milwaukee to earn the distinction. Our contemporary headquarters is a testament to our long tradition of responsibility toward our community, and the project was conceived from the very beginning with the goal of optimizing energy efficiency and conserving resources. 

Sustainable features include:

  • Constructed on a former brownfield site 
  • 30% of building materials made from recycled products
  • 20% of building materials manufactured locally, reducing delivery fuel
  • More than 50% of wood was harvested from rapidly renewable forests
  • 75% of construction waste was recycled
  • Designed to provide views to 90% of workspaces and daylight to 75% of workspaces, reducing the need for energy to light workspaces
  • Indoor air pollution reduced through use of low emitting materials
  • Programmable lighting system linked to light sensors
  • Energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs
  • Low-flow fixtures and equipment reduce water consumption by approximately 40%
  • Exterior and landscaping designed to reduce heat absorption and light pollution
  • Easy access to public transportation 
  • Fuel efficient vehicles, motorcycles and carpools have preferred parking
  • Special parking, showers and changing areas encourage bicycle commuting

We continue to enhance the building’s environmental efficiency. 

  • In 2010, by analyzing the building’s mechanical schedules and adjusting the lighting control system, we were able to realize a 6.4% reduction in  energy use as compared to 2009.
  • In 2011, we implemented an advanced building management system that identified several improvement opportunities. By reducing mechanical run times and switching to gas heating, we reduced energy use by a further 15%.
  • In 2014, reflective window tinting was added to a large section of the 4th floor, reducing energy use and heat load while increasing comfort for employees using those offices and conference rooms. 

A number of standard practices help us maintain these environmental impact reductions:

  • All printers and copiers have Energy Star rating. They automatically power down when not in use, and are set to double-sided printing as a default. 
  • We eliminated Styrofoam cups from our breakrooms. Every employee is provided with a ceramic mug, and break rooms are stocked with extra mugs for visitors. 
  • All paper towels in break rooms and bathrooms are made with recycled paper
  • We partner with Iron Mountain to shred and recycle all paper. All cardboard is separated from regular trash and recycled.
  • To encourage the recycling of plastic, glass and aluminum, blue “recycle only” containers are located in each break room and conference room and in the cafeteria.
  • When replacing desk chairs, all chairs still fit for use are donated to local schools and community organizations.
  • Most importantly, we provide periodic reminders to our people of the role they play and the actions they can take to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.