2015 Talent Shortage Survey from ManpowerGroup


ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2015

10 years of Talent Shortage from ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup has researched global talent shortages and their impact for a decade. Employers have consistently reported difficulty hiring right-skilled talent, and this trend shows no sign of abating.

Introduction to Talent Shortage

Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup CEO, on talent shortages, their impacts, and how companies can address the issue.

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HR leaders: Learn 4 strategies to bridge the talent gap in your company.

2015 Talent Shortage Results

ManpowerGroup’s annual survey of more than 41,000 hiring managers in 42 countries and territories found that 38% of employers are having difficulty filling jobs — a two-percentage point rise from 2014.

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Online Report

Talent Shortage Survey 2015

Unprecedented technological growth, constantly shifting demographics, increasing customer sophistication and the rise of individual choice has resulted in a new world of work.




What Employers Can Do