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More than 124,000 people were in Paris for the world-famous tech conference VivaTech. VivaTech hosts the hottest tech start-ups together with global industry leaders like Facebook and Google to showcase the latest innovations and hack solutions to help people and businesses make the most of new technology.

For the fourth consecutive year, ManpowerGroup was the official Gold HR Partner to support start-ups and accelerate tech adoption.

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At VivaTech 2019

Swipe Right for Tech Talent

Got tech skills? Talent Connect is VivaTech’s exclusive job board matching to in-demand talent with open roles in the world's leading tech companies. Over 4,000 skilled people connected with 150 leading IT companies to date. Visit the portal to find your next tech job.

Level Up with Augmented Reality

Level up. Gamification is a powerful tool to upskill workers in retail merchandizing. See how Nestlé and FuturSkill, ManpowerGroup's learning and development brand, help people level up.

Inside the C-Suite
and the Control Center

Join NASA Chief Flight Director Holly Ridings and Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO, for a fast-paced discussion on attracting and developing the best tech talent and the importance of female role models in STEM.

Hacking Tech-Enabled Solutions to
HR Challenges

ManpowerGroup will host 37 tech startups and established innovators showcasing HR tech from virtual employee engagement and coaching offerings to digital skills mapping and augmented reality training.

Virtual Reality:
The Future of Safety Training

Fully immerse in on-the-job training scenarios with Prevention 3D, a VR safety training experience for workers in the construction industry. With over 3,400 workers already trained, Prevention 3D is expanding to even more industries.

Are You Ready for the Digital Room?

Step into ManpowerGroup’s Digital Room, hosted by avatar Zara, for an assessment and Interview to find out how ready you are for the digital age.


Innovation in Action: Assessments

Assessment and data provide insight into workforce needs, what workers want and how individuals perform, providing better matches to meaningful work and reducing the risk for organizations.

Meet Zara, ManpowerGroup’s Avatar Powered by AI

She is our conversational user interface that can be customized for high-volume recruiting and assessing senior-level leadership traits, helping recruiters save time, remove bias, and improve diversity in hiring. Zara is capable of multiple types of assessment, including behavioral, language regression and sentiment analysis.

How Prepared is Your Organization for Digital Transformation?

Find out where your organization is on the path to digital maturity.

Take the DigiPathway

What is Your Learning Style?

Your Learnability Quotient (LQ) reflects your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances and challenges throughout your career.

Find Your LQ

Are You Ready to Lead
in the Digital Age?

Your DigiQuotient reflects your readiness to lead through digital workforce transformation.

Find Your DigiQuotient

Success Stories

These stories highlight examples of how ManpowerGroup has provided innovative solutions to complex workforce trends and organizational challenges.

Experis Tech Academy

We created hands-on labs and training centers to upskill and reskill the labor force at the local level and beyond.


Leadership Transformation

We helped a handheld GPS device company shift to embedded mobility solutions by evaluating and transforming their leadership.


Academy of Advanced Manufacturing

We are closing the skills gap by retraining people for advanced digital manufacturing roles.


Innovating the Future of Work

Learn how ManpowerGroup is leveraging innovation and other technologies to transform the future of work.

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