Expert Insights

Strategic Workforce consultants build informed workforce strategies based on powerful insights that leverage our unique perspective of global workforce trends, local market knowledge, and workforce solutions expertise.

Collaborative Consulting

Strategic Workforce Consulting crafts a strategy aligned with your business strategy by understanding the capabilities and organizational culture required to deliver your goals.  Our collaborative approach identifies the right work models and people practices to unleash the potential of your people, closing the gaps in your ability to execute your strategy.

Measurable Action Plans

Our unparalleled ability to design and implement a workforce strategy results in a solution that is practical and actionable from day one. Our plans assess results and refine action on an on-going basis to ensure your goals are met.

Pragmatic Framework

The Strategic Workforce Consulting framework and methodology is founded on ManpowerGroup’s pragmatic experience, extensive thought leadership and our insight into the forces shaping the evolving world of work. This unique combination of practicality and cutting-edge research enables us to provide you with insights to build a results-driven workforce strategy.

Need Talent or Help with Your Workforce Strategy?