The Flux Report - Building a resilient workforce in the face of flux

The Flux Report shares findings and recommendations based on comprehensive research amongst HR leaders and line managers in UK and Ireland organisations, exploring the nature and impact of flux over time.

We conducted the Flux Report to explore the nature and impact of flux on organisations over time, surveying 100 HR leaders and 250 line managers in UK and Irish organisations with 500+ employees.

Despite the stabilising economy, the outlook for businesses is likely to be characterised by flux, shaped by economic uncertainty, new market opportunities, the rapid pace of technological change and a multi-generational workforce. 

The Flux Report looks at the past five years and identifies the changes that affected businesses from redundancies to organisational restructures. The report also highlights the lessons learnt from this tumultuous period and how they have affected business and HR initiatives today. The report shares findings and recommendations on how businesses need to evolve their organisational strategies and structures and put their people at the heart of future planning. The findings of the Flux Report have been of interest to both the national and HR media, and it has received coverage in various publications including the Telegraph and Financial Times.