The New Global Context

10 Years of Talent Shortage



The New Global Context... the thematic focus for the meeting. Complexity, fragility and uncertainty are potentially ending an era of economic integration and international partnership that began in 1989. What is clear is that we are confronted by profound political, economic, social and, above all, technological transformations. They are altering long-standing assumptions about our prospects, resulting in an entirely “new global context” for decision-making.

ManpowerGroup at Davos

Youth Unemployment

Global youth unemployment is at an historic high. It is estimated that 74.5 million young people between the ages of 15-24 were unemployed in 2013. At ManpowerGroup, more than one third of associates and contractors in our key markets are under the age of 25, compared with less than 15% of the general labor force in most countries.

Workforce Agility

Organizations are beginning to recognize that, while technical skills can be taught, an individual’s passion, enthusiasm and willingness to learn will be what defines success in the Human Age.

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