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We are in the midst of a Skills Revolution. Technology is transforming organizations and skills needs are changing rapidly, accelerating a global talent shortage and threatening productivity, sustainability and growth. Now more than ever, technical skills are hard to find and soft skills are hard to train. Organizations must adopt integrated strategies to BUILD, BUY, BORROW and BRIDGE the talent needed for today and tomorrow.

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Leverage ManpowerGroup research, tools and insights to overcome your most difficult workforce challenges

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Upskilling your workforce
  • Determining the right workforce mix
  • Leading a successful digital transformation

How prepared are you for digital transformation?

Find out where your organization is on the path to digital maturity.

Eighty-Seven Percent of Employers Plan to Maintain or Increase Headcount Through Automation

Automation technology has not caused worker displacement.

How do candidates want to work?

Employers should factor how people want to work into their workforce planning if they expect to recruit and retain top talent.

How to Evolve Talent Strategies During Workforce Automation

Individuals need to be aware of the changing landscape and be ready to nurture their ability to learn and evolve their skills so they stay employable for the long-term in today’s digitally-led market.

How to Optimize Your Workforce for Maximum Productivity

Forty-one percent of companies that will automate tasks over the next two years anticipate they will increase or maintain their workforce.

Do you know how to acquire the skills needed in today’s digital age?

With the right skills mix, individuals will augment rather than compete with technology.

Who is hiring and where?

The most extensive employment survey in the world forecasts employment over the next quarter in 44 of the world's major labor markets.

Where are the best markets to invest in workforce engagement?

Create the right workforce strategy around sourcing, attracting, developing and upskilling talent.

Job Seekers

Manpower and Experis help job seekers get noticed and land positions that match their qualifications

  • Developing skills to stay employable
  • Understanding what employers are looking for
  • Knowing where to find available jobs
  • Staying relevant in the digital age

30-60-90 Day Plan: What to Do in the First 30 Days of Your Promotion

Think both short and longer term to succeed in a new role.

6 Leadership Lessons from an Influential First Lady

Eleanor Roosevelt defined what it meant to be a politically active First Lady. Her leadership lessons continue to resonate for International Women’s Day.

Are You Ready to Lead in the Digital Age?

Your DigiQuotient reflects your readiness to lead and ability to grow in a digital workforce transformation.

Are you an IT, Finance or Engineering expert?

We understand you unique talents, experience and interests. Experis can help you identify your path so you can realize your goals.

Developing skills to improve employability

Automation is changing the way organizations operate. Here are ways to fit into the workforce of the future.

Find Your Next Job

Are you looking for a new job, seeking career advice, or exploring your potential? Everyday, we connect thousands of people with meaningful work.

How Do I Rank in Learnability?

The essential skill for tomorrow’s workplace can be measured – and learned

How to Upskill to Prepare for Future Roles

Upskilling is on the up, and employees can take advantage to make a career leap

Mentoring for the Modern Day Workplace

Securing the right mentorship can benefit the next generation by passing on the wisdom of seasoned workers.

The Art of Leaning in Leadership

It’s important for anyone to understand the art and science of leadership, and Sheryl Sandberg has created a body of work that can teach everyone.

What is Your Ability to Learn?

Your Learnability Quotient (or LQ) reflects your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances and challenges throughout you work life.

What to Look for in a Boss

A common interview question will ask you about your boss. Tread carefully with your answer, because it will reveal more about you than your boss.

Will My Skills be Obsolete in the Future?

Out with the old skills, in with the new.

Solving The Talent Shortage: A Holistic Talent Strategy

Winning in the digital age demands faster, more targeted approaches than ever before. To keep pace in today’s Skills Revolution an effective talent strategy should comprise plans to BUILDBUYBORROW and BRIDGE talent for your workforce.​


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