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How do I rank in Learnability?

The essential skill for tomorrow’s workplace can be measured – and learned.

If you can learn, you can work.

That’s the findings confirmed again in ManpowerGroup’s latest research into the skills revolution. A new report shows that most companies implementing automation are planning to do more hiring of human workers, not less.

That also means that Learnability will be vital for workers to develop skills to augment technology and find jobs in a new environment. Learnability is the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt skills to remain employable throughout their working life.

How do you know how you rank in Learnability compared to your competition? Take the following steps.

Assess your LQ

True or false: You’ll try anything once to see what it’s like. True or false: You prefer following tried-and-true methods. Answering these questions and ones like it can help determine your LQ, or Learnability Quotient. As the first step, take your LQ assessment at

Have a career conversation

Once you know your LQ, bring the topic up with your manager in a career conversation to assess what that means in terms of your individual development. No matter where you score on LQ, you can use this insight as an opportunity to discuss potential advancements for your career.

Cultivate ongoing curiosity

A key predictor of employability related to Learnability is everyday curiosity. “In this environment, learnability is the hot ticket to success for employers and individuals alike,” said Mara Swan, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, ManpowerGroup.

Learnability ranking isn’t a fixed set, especially as a new generation of digitally-savvy workers enters the workforce. No matter where you fall on the LQ scale, it’s important to continually seek out resources to keep learning, cultivate a mindset for growth, and nurture a healthy LQ.

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