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How to Optimize Your Workforce for Maximum Productivity

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In today’s digitally-enabled environment, a key competitive differentiator is an organization’s ability to effectively integrate their workforce, emerging technology, and new or evolving business processes.

Forty-one percent of companies that will automate tasks over the next two years anticipate they will increase or maintain their workforce, leading to businesses:

  • Upskilling and reskilling their workforces for agility and flexibility in product delivery and customer support.
  • Evaluating the speed with which they may need to change existing business models and the impact of those changes on their teams.
  • Leveraging business intelligence, big data, artificial intelligence and connected systems for exponential business growth.

41% of companies will automate tasks over the next two years. Of those, 24% will create more jobs.

Benchmarking Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

A digital transformation is an evolutionary journey that touches the strategy, culture, technology and embedded processes within an organization. It drives new value for customers by allowing employees to be more adaptive, leveraging internal and external data differently to anticipate and meet their needs. Success is based on the digital maturity of an organization’s workforce and their ability to transform rapidly in order to realize value more quickly.

Interested in comparing your organization’s digital transformation against benchmark research? Our Digital Evolution Pathway assessment has been designed to provide a real-time view in four key areas.

As an organization embarks on its journey, it is helpful to understand how mature it already is and what it can do to accelerate as it relates to:

  • Strategy – Digitally-enabled businesses are generally better equipped to harness the value of change within their own organizations. As with any other resource, a solid strategy is necessary for successful implementation.

    In this section of the assessment, you’ll focus on:

    • Organization and talent
    • Leadership
    • Values and brand
  • Culture – Developing a culture of innovation is critical in today’s business environment. In times of transformation it is a primary enabler of success. It starts with identifying and upskilling (or reskilling) leaders who can unleash essential digital-era traits in others.

    In this section of the assessment, you’ll focus on:

    • Organizational behavior
    • People capability/capacity
    • Organization and role structure
  • Practices – The systems and processes of years’ past must be rethought for businesses to remain competitive today. Organizations need to quickly evolve their technologies and processes to take advantage of the benefits of a digitally connected enterprise.

    In this section of the assessment, you’ll focus on:

    • Business processes
    • Customer experiences
    • Data science
  • Innovation – Digital innovations are creating opportunities faster than ever; however, moving from creative thinking to implementation requires vision, planning and execution across all parts of the organization.

    In this section of the assessment, you’ll focus on:

    • Technologies
    • Business models
    • Research and development

ManpowerGroup partners with organizations of all sizes to develop and implement digital workforce transformation, working with leaders and organizations to ensure they have the right people and skills to facilitate transformational change.

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