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30-60-90 Day Plan: What to Do in the First 30 Days of Your Promotion

Think both short and longer term to succeed in a new role

The start of any new phase can feel overwhelming, whether that’s seeking a new job or getting a new job. The same is also true of landing a new promotion an being elevated into a new role.

But breaking your responsibilities down into a 30-60-90-day time frame can help organize your priorities in your mind. Here are tasks to do immediately and to plan longer-term in your new position.

30 days

Learn about the written and unwritten rules

All of the information you need to know will not be in the company manual. Let your colleagues know that you are open to feedback on how you are doing. Review the code of conduct so that you do not make critical mistakes. Take time to observe the office culture, always listen before you speak, and do not talk about the last company you worked.

Perform beyond expectations

Don’t let your guard down now that you’ve secured a promotion. To the contrary, bring extra energy into your job. Some promotions are on a preliminary basis, so the first 30 days on the job is critical. Once you know what is required of you to succeed, deliver beyond what is expected.

60 days

Seek a mentor

Organizations sometimes have programs in place to match a new hire with a more seasoned one. Find out if there is someone who has performed in your role and is willing to take you under her wing. Mentoring is about relationships, and relationships are built on give and take, so find ways to give back.

90 days

Ask lots of questions

By this point in your new role, you may start to become comfortable. But don’t get complacent. Keep asking questions, learning and improving. Ask why things are done a certain way. Your questions will not only help you learn, they may reveal that certain processes are ripe for change.

Connect with your network

Now is the time to once again express your gratitude. Contact your colleagues to thank them for helping you get to where you are, and share that you are grateful for all the assistance they provided. Now that you are in a new role, find out if there are ways that you can support them.

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